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About Sgeul Media

'With a wealth of experience in documentary, current affairs and factual entertainment, we are committed to bringing human stories to the screen with integrity and creativity.'


Established in 2018, Sgeul Media is an independent television company founded by producers and directors, Annie Cheape and Maureen Macleod. With a wealth of experience in documentary, current affairs and factual entertainment, they have been involved in making hundreds of hours of television. Specialising in bringing human stories, from the deeply personal to those of international importance, to the screen with passion and integrity, the company are renowned for their sensitive and creative approach.

"A’ Sireadh Sascha: The Search for a Son,” was broadcast in December 2018 and since then, Sgeul Media have made a number of documentaries for BBC Alba, Scotland’s Gaelic-language channel. 

Sgeul Media Team

Annie Cheape

Annie worked as a director on award-winning current affairs series Eorpa for a number of years, filming all over Scotland and Europe, before going freelance and setting up Sgeul Media. She has produced several documentaries for BBC Alba and BBC Scotland covering current affairs, history and personal stories. Recent projects include developing, producing and directing BBC Scotland's My Kind of Town series.

Maureen Macleod

Maureen spent seventeen years working at the BBC, predominantly on the European current affairs series, Eòrpa. Amongst the programmes she directed whilst there was one about former prisoners of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, which won a Scottish Bafta in 2017. She has worked on television and radio programmes in dozens of countries, including Mongolia, South Sudan and Kosovo. Freelance since 2018, Maureen has since worked with a range of companies as well as Sgeul Media.

Awards & Nominations 

2022 RTS Scotland Awards: Documentary and Specialist Factual:Arts
Ceòl is Cràdh - Winner 

2022: Celtic Media Festival: Single Documentary
Dystonia: Beatha air Fhiaradh - Nomination 

2022: Celtic Media Festival: Arts
Ceòl is Cràdh -  Nomination 

2021 Scottish Gaelic Awards: Best Gaelic Contribution to Media Award
Dystonia: Beatha air Fhiaradh - Winner

2021 MG Alba Scots Trad Awards: Trad Music in the Media
Ceòl is Cràdh - Winner 

2021 RTS Scotland Awards: Documentary and Specialist Factual: History 
Ceòl na Loidhne - Nomination 

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