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The line between Fort William and Mallaig is arguably the most spectacular railway journey in the world. A collection of over one hundred photos taken during its construction were recently unearthed. Local musician Ingrid Henderson follows the story of these photographs, what they reveal about lives and people in Lochaber, and attempts to discover the artist behind the lens. 


Research has shown that the majority of musicians have struggled with their mental health, experiencing depression or anxiety.  Singer Mischa MacPherson looks at some of the reasons behind this and through speaking to various musicians hears about the impact that it has on their lives.


For almost 40 years, DK MacPhee has lived with dystonia, leaving him unable to straighten his head. DK gives an insight into the impact this has on his daily life and his ongoing battle to find treatment or relief. As his condition has deteriorated, with his head falling further to one side, the more his life has been affected.


Always on Lachie MacPherson’s mind is Sascha, the son he hasn’t seen in 34 years. Alongside his daughter Mischa, the pair embark on an emotional journey in search of a son and brother. Now 60, Lachie is determined that 2018 will be the year that he finds him.


Millions across the globe have had to flee their homes and homeland for many different reasons. Glasgow is a city which offers a warm welcome to refugees and asylum seekers. Singer Mischa MacPherson meets some of those making a new life for themselves in the city. Working together on various musical projects, they share their stories with Mischa and reflect on the importance of music in their lives.

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Recent years have seen a large rise in the numbers of women being diagnosed with ADHD. Suzie Roberts is one of them. Through meeting others with ADHD, Suzie hears powerful personal testimonies about the impact that it has had on their lives - from difficulty in staying in a job, to mental health struggles, to ending up in the criminal justice system. 

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